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From broken screens to non-responsive laptops our experienced technicians are trained to repair any fault your device may have. As well as physical faults we do data recovery, operating system faults and other software related issues. Apple iPad’s, Dell Alienware’s, HP all in ones, Sony PlayStation 4, Samsung 4K LED TV's, you name it we fix it.
If you are unsure of the fault or issue of your device we diagnose free of charge and repair at the best competitive price possible.
We also install/build desktops and gaming machines to any specification you desire!




> CPU's, Motherboards, RAM, HDD/SSD replacing
> Graphics card replacement and installation
> Operating system re-installations
> Bios flashing and replacing
> Computer case building and rewiring
> Motherboard or peripheral component replacements
> Optical disc drive repair
> Hard drive data recovery

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> Battery replacement
> LED/LCD screen replacement
> Laptop lid cover and base replacement
> Laptop interior clean (i.e. liquid damage or excessive dust clogging vents)
> CPU's, Motherboards, RAM, HDD/SSD replacing
> Operating system re-installations
> CPU/Graphics fan replacement
> Peripheral ports/sockets replacement (i.e. damaged USB or DC power socket)

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> Touch screen digitizer replacement
> LED/LCD screen replacement
> Battery replacement
> DC Jack/Mini/Micro/HDMI/ port replacements
> Software & firmware upgrades or re-installations
> Tablet base chassis replacement
> Tablet performance clean up

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Gaming consoles/Gaming desktops


> Gaming computer customizing and building
> Graphics card replacement and installation
> Optical disc drive repair
> HDMI or other visual display port replacements
> Driver and compatibility fixes
> Gaming accessories fixing (i.e. gaming keyboard & mice)
> Common console software issue fixes (i.e. PS4 Blinking indicator light faults)

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Mobile Phones


> Cracked/broken screen replacement
> Phone interior clean (i.e. to clean liquid damage)
> Phone overheating repair
> Operating system or App issue fixing
> Charging port replacement (i.e. Lightning port damaged)
> Damaged button replacement
> Faulty phone camera repair

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> Cracked/damaged TV screen replacement
> TV backlight replacement
> Input/output port replacements (i.e. damaged HDMI port connector)
> Main or peripheral PCB replacements
> Blown internal speaker replacement
> Built in optical disc drive repair
> Repair other TV related devices such as Sky boxes and home projectors




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