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Professional Services

Our Hardware services cover a range of products and solutions. We aim to build custom environments so that your business runs at a completely seamless level. Backed up with our hardware support we can confidently raise your productivity at an uncompareable level.

Because we are personal in our service, we are dedicated to your success.

Professional Services

Software is ever changing and more essential than ever. Whether your website needs updating or if you need database, program or software solutions we have some of the most skilled and experienced developers from all over the world to develop, build and orchestrate your project to fulfill your needs.

We can offer you a full solution to your business needs

Professional Services

Our support services go further than ever before, when we support you we are part of your team. We aim to assist you by your side. Our hardware support intends on producing solutions and ensuring reliability in your business needs. We aim to be with you at the event of any hardware issue and rectify any concerns. Our software support can be from many aspects, our most common is marketing and lead generation, as well as SEO and online relavent advertising. We range from upgrading databases to introducing cloud and remote services.

Hardware Services

What We Can Do For You

The hardware services we offer are extensive and extremely custom. All of our hardware services are completely based on your company requirements, budget and timescale.

Our hardware can be:

Desktop Computers and Peripherals

Laptop Computers and Periperals

Tablet Devices

Our hardware comes with a service contract and we offer a 3 year warranty on all components and 5 year warranty on our labour as standard with an option to rebate your hardware on the service contract renewal. Depending on what you need and should you request this, we will either upgrade your hardware at a reduced cost in exchange for your current hardware or upgrade components to keep up with industry standards to you unnecessary expenses.

Process and Hardware Requirement Determination

The flow-diagram below shows our method of how we build your hardware and provide you with the infrastructure you require.




Test 2

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Prebuilt Systems

Budget Based Systems to cater to your business needs

Software Services