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When my son wanted a computer, we went straight to Rob and once again received excellent,swift service. We were consulted at every step and with Rob's expertise have just left his office with a fantastic computer built to our specifications. All parts are new and guaranteed, in addition to Rob's labour guarantee.
Having first used Bosecom Ltd last year to repair another computer, we regularly call on Rob for advice and upgrades and he is always ready to help. We have nothing but good things to say about this polite, hard working and thorough team and would definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of an honest engineer.


Bosecom Ltd proved to be my lifesavers. They repaired my ASUS Zenfone 2's power switch in no time, effortlessly and efficiently. Without their diagnosis and finding the solution to my phone not powering up, I would now probably be throwing away my newish device. Bosecom Ltd have amazingly been able to fix my phone after I had lost hope with another phone repair shop in Ealing Broadway who, in the process of replacing the phone's broken screen, ended up breaking the hard power switch --they proved to be useless, unprofessional and time wasting.

I will definitely be using Bosecom Ltd again and again should I need more IT solutions.
Really an accommodating and professional service! Thank you!!!


just to say Rob will fix the PC problem. He is honest and reliable and above all, a gent who can be trusted
Thank you for an excellent repair to my ageing Samsung laptop and I'll be sending more work his way soon (old MacBook). Great work and thank you


Had a problem with printer that would not print, and could not fix it. Took it to Rob. Helped me take up the printer. Rob diagnosed and fixed it in just a half hour. It now works perfect. Great service, very professional and highly recommended.

My printer broke and thought it wasn't fixable.

Luckily Rob at Bosecom got back to me after I left a message and was very quick to give a quote and the turnaround time and price for the repair was great!

Highly recommended. A great local repair service!
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